Trends Restaurants Are Following For This Valentine’s Day.

The Top 4 Trends Restaurants Are Following For This Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is a day filled with love and happiness for many people throughout the world. From gifts, experiences, love and affection, going for a meal with your loved one is always high on the list. This is the one day of the year where almost all restaurants are guaranteed to have a full house as people make the effort to show their appreciation for their loved ones. To make sure you’re prepared for this special day and ready to maximise your sales, here are some of the top trends predicted for the restaurant industry this year. Tailor Your Menu Offering To Suit The Occasion Better As you can expect a full house on Valentine ’s Day, many restaurants are opting for the set menu option. By doing this, it mitigates the risk of running out of ingredients, slow turnaround time in the kitchen and unhappy diners. It also allows you to create a menu which’ll tell a love story in itself. Reach A Broader Market By Offering Take-Out […]

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2019 Trends For Fast Moving Consumer Goods

2019 Trends For Fast Moving Consumer Goods Thanks to technology and the consistent stream of advancements, especially within the fast-moving consumer goods market, the way in which products are marketed and sold is evolving at a rapid rate. To stay ahead of your competition, here are some of the top trends for 2019 in the fast-moving consumer goods market. Convenience Is Still at The Centre of Attention With most consumers living fast-paced lifestyles, convenience remains the focal point for them. When it comes to preparing meals, the more convenient the better as this is usually a time-consuming process. This has resulted in many families making use of services such as Mr Delivery and Uber eats. When it comes to chain stores, more and more of them are now offering customers food kits. These contain all the ingredients you need to make your meal and they have been prepared for you. All you need to do is put it into a pot or the oven. This cuts down the time consumers would spend on shopping for the individual ingredients drastically. More […]

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