2019 Trends For Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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2019 Trends For Fast Moving Consumer Goods

2019 Trends For Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Thanks to technology and the consistent stream of advancements, especially within the fast-moving consumer goods market, the way in which products are marketed and sold is evolving at a rapid rate. To stay ahead of your competition, here are some of the top trends for 2019 in the fast-moving consumer goods market.

Convenience Is Still at The Centre of Attention

With most consumers living fast-paced lifestyles, convenience remains the focal point for them. When it comes to preparing meals, the more convenient the better as this is usually a time-consuming process. This has resulted in many families making use of services such as Mr Delivery and Uber eats.

When it comes to chain stores, more and more of them are now offering customers food kits. These contain all the ingredients you need to make your meal and they have been prepared for you. All you need to do is put it into a pot or the oven. This cuts down the time consumers would spend on shopping for the individual ingredients drastically.

More Consumers Are Becoming Health Conscious

Gone are the days where businesses operating in the FMCG market could churn out large quantities of ready-made frozen meals. Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact their food choices have not only on themselves but on the environment as well. This has resulted in people looking for more healthier alternatives to their regular purchases.

Products becoming more readily available for consumers include, allergen-free, low-sodium, reduced fat and sugar free. The variety of options available are increasing on a regular basis which makes this healthier lifestyle look more attractive as it moves to become more convenient for customers.

The Experience Is Everything

Businesses operating within the FMCG market are quickly realising that consumers what the full package. Although the focus has changed from being on the product solely, it’s more about the entire experience. This has resulted in many businesses making small enhancements in the way in which they communicate with clients, how community management is conducted and how they can grab the attention of consumers with their product offerings.

Top brands are re-looking at how they package their products to run campaigns whereby they put customers names on their products as part of the brand activation campaigns. Not only does this create hype around the product but it can also be used as a conversational tool to get to know your customers better. Building relationships with customers is far more important than what it use to be. One company that does this well is Oil and More. By putting their clients needs first, they are able to reach a bigger market and have a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Let Oil and More Assist You Keep Up with These Trends

With their combined years of experience, the team at Oil and More spend a great deal of time analysing their customer trends. This has allowed them to be a step ahead of their competition as they move to provide their clients with the healthiest and convenient ingredients. The team are on standby for any questions you might have.

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